Building Tomorrow's Cities: Reimagining Urban Infrastructure with Digital Twins

Explore the future of digital infrastructure at CTF 2024 | Resilient, affordable and sustainable urban environments

Discover how Bentley's Digital Twin technology is reshaping urban infrastructure systems and driving innovation in design and operation. Join us to unlock the transformative potential of Digital Twins in creating sustainable, resilient, and intelligent urban environments and cities.

Who should attend

Chiefs, Heads, Directors, Managers of:

Projects | Project Management | Project Delivery

Development | Urban Development


Smart Cities




Digital | Digital Transformation


Design | Engineering

Systems Integration

Facilities | Asset Management




Utilities | On-site Utilities

Rail | Roads | Bridges

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Why you should attend

Owner | Operator

  • Know how to plan, deliver and operate resilient, efficient and sustainable infrastructure systems in urban environments
  • Understand how digitised infrastructure and AI powered analytics can enable whole of life cost and risk management such as mitigation of floods & natural disasters
  • Discover the importance of creating a connected landscape to ensure operational continuity, consumer satisfaction, compliance and increased performance.

AEC Consultants & Contractors

  • Learn the role and value in advancing infrastructure intelligence for a better urban experience for us all
  • Realise the value of data driven strategies on designing and handing over better infrastructure, creating long-term relationships with clients
  • Understand how to utilise the latest digital twin advancements to deliver projects on time and reduce whole of life cost and risk management
  • Discover how to effectively collaborate with the supply chain to deliver key infrastructure systems using the latest digital and construction management technology

Schedule | Monday, 03 June 2024

14.00 Networking lunch & registration
14.30 Building tomorrow’s cities

Debu Chakraborty, Senior Regional Director, MEA, Bentley Systems

14.40 Unlocking urban infrastructure transformation

Nathan Marsh, Senior Vice President, Regional Executive, Bentley Systems

14.50 Digitally resilient infrastructure: Ensuring future-health and operational continuity in connected landscapes

In an increasingly interconnected landscape, infrastructure owners and stakeholder face multifaceted challenges such as anticipating future risks like floods and natural disasters. This presentation delves into the critical role of digital strategies in ensuring resilience. This topic will be explored by looking at Airports as an example of smart urban infrastructure and mini connected city.

  • Digital Transformation: Explore how airports are transitioning to data-driven, smart solutions, from project delivery to asset performance, discover how digitalisation enhances efficiency.
  • Operational Continuity: Resilient infrastructure minimizes disruptions during emergencies or unforeseen events. Discuss the importance of a digital asset management strategy on operational continuity.
  • Future-Proofing: Anticipate future challenges by investing in adaptable infrastructure and staying abreast of technological advancements.

Frederik Verhoef, Senior Director, Infrastructure Cloud, Bentley Systems

15.15 Future proofing the full lifecycle of the region’s Water Infrastructure

Using case studies from the region, this session will demonstrate how digital technologies support the full lifecycle of water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, making it more efficient and resilient. In particular, how utilities, airports, campuses, developers, engineering consultants and contractors are using digital solutions to optimally design infrastructure, detect leakages, predict water demand, optimise pumping efficiency, properly size stormwater infrastructure and improve predictive maintenance.

Extreme weather conditions have shed light on the importance of digitally enabling the resilience of infrastructure. This session will further discuss how digital workflows can be used to improve integrated flood risk management practices for owner/operators, planners, developers, and construction companies.

Slavco Velickov, Industry Director, Water, Bentley Systems

15.40 Coffee break
15.55 Unlocking tomorrow's connected cities: Harnessing infrastructure intelligence through cloud

Managing the flow of integrated data across all classes or urban infrastructure is key to making informed and trusted decisions about affordability, efficiency, resilience and sustainability.

During this session, discover how better-quality data, stable, secure and scalable systems and faster insights and decisions, all combine to redefine project and operational excellence. Accelerating timelines, reducing risk and delivering better and more resilient infrastructure for society.

Peter Lynch, Industry Director, Infrastructure Cloud, Bentley Systems

16.20 AI, robotics and spatial computing – how emerging technologies are revolutionsing urban infrastructure planning

Technologies play a major role in revolutionising the way the cities are planned, built, and operated. During this session we will discuss how emerging technologies such as spatial computing, generative AI, industrial metaverse, and robotics can shape the way cities are experienced.

Greg Demchak, VP, Emerging Technologies, Bentley Systems

16.45 Q&A session

Debu Chakraborty, Senior Regional Director, MEA

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