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Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai

3-4 June 2024

Alan Rowlands

Alan Rowlands

GM, Waseela Owners Association Management LLC

Alan is a qualified accountant and further qualified with CAI designations CMCA, AMS and PCAM (achieved in Las Vegas in 2015). Alan was instrumental in setting up one of the first independent Community Management Companies in Dubai specializing in providing innovative and practical solutions for Communities that share common living and recreational spaces. Novus entered into a JV with 360 Communities in June 2016 merging its business in Dubai and Oman with a further 20+ Communities in Abu Dhabi forming the largest independent Association Management company in the Middle East. A registered member of the CAI Faculty and offering M100 courses on their behalf Alan was also elected to the inaugural CAIME Board for 2022 year as Board member and treasurer. He has been an influential voice in the Community Management industry in Dubai and also as a strong supporter of CAI on the Middle East.