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Amr Saad

Amr Saad

Head of Digital Engineering | Information Management | BIM, ROSHN Group

"Amr Saad is organisation change management champion; through his Information management and digital engineering and construction expertise. Amr enabled digital transformation and successful delivery in multiple firms on mega projects for vertical and horizontal developments. Amr develops digital excellence strategy and leads the Implementation utilising his expertise, enabling the organisation's success. Amr drives the information management processes delivering data-driven decisions support systems across the delivery stages from strategic planning to operation. His expertise supports the organisation's resilience and promotes inclusive and sustainable practices that foster innovation at the portfolio level.

Amr is customer-focused and considers the end-user requirements throughout the process. Amr encourages all the stakeholders to embrace the change for better outcomes supporting the brand and increasing customer satisfaction.

Amr is an active participant in public events as a speaker. he collaborates with international bodies to drive better awareness on transforming the AEC industry through conducting workshops, presentations, and training programs to a broad spectrum of audiences.