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Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai

3-4 June 2024

Anand Mecheri

Anand Mecheri

Chief Executive Officer, Invicara

Anand is an industry expert, technologist and entrepreneur in the domain of Digital Twins and their use cases for all lifecycle stagesof the built environment. Prior to entering the world of Digital Twins and Digital Construction, he spent 24 years as a technologist and entrepreneur in the domain of smart buildings. His past ventures were acquired by SIEMENS in 2009. He is the co-founder and CEO of Invicara, the developers of "". The industry’s first “low code” cloud platform that integrates any data source including BIM, GIS, Immersive 3D game worlds, Photospheres and IoT, andenables partners to “compose” Digital Twin solutions for diverse use cases in the built environment.