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Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai

3-4 June 2024

Eng. Hatem Salaheldin

Eng. Hatem Salaheldin

CEO, Kabbani Construction Group

An ambitious civil engineer that graduated from the University of Cairo-Egypt and studied higher studies in Germany, Hatem joined KCG’s Egyptian affiliate (Abuild Egypt) in 1998 (with one year of full time experience at the time) and grew through the entity to lead KCG to the inauguration of its UAE branch in 2006. In 2012 he co-managed KCG (co-CEO)and in 2013 became CEO. A former trained athlete, Hatem demonstrated his athletic nature in maneuvering KCG to achieve its highest revenues ever, since its birth in the late 70s and despite these difficult times, with a current 24 commercial brands and companies that tackle all aspects of specialized construction (waterproofing, concrete + structural repair and rehabilitation, road and infrastructure construction and rehabilitation, airfield construction and rehabilitation, nondestructive testing and condition assessment, rubber lining, refractory, flooring, coating and painting, surface preparation, operation and maintenance, cathodic protection, heat treatment, electro-mechanical contracting, furniture and fit out, façade engineering, digital construction and BIM modelling, industrial solutions and much more….) and all its sectors (industrial, oil and gas, commercial, etc..). KCG has grown from its core business of waterproofing + concrete repair and rehabilitation to arguably become the largest specialized construction group in the region (and one of the top 100 Saudi companies throughout the past two decades). Hatem leads over 10,000 colleagues throughout the MENA region (with offices (established companies and/or branches) in 8 different countries). KCG has an impressive portfolio of over 200k+ projects with all kind of clients (governmental, military, semi-governmental, international, and private) and many of which are iconic (the two holy mosques in Makkah & Madina, the louvre in Abu Dhabi, Egyptian museum in Cairo, over 18 military and commercial airports across the MENA region (new Jeddah airport, Cairo airport, Sharm Al Shaikh airport to name a few) and much more.