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Conrad Dubai

31 May – 01 June 2023

Lukas Sokol

Lukas Sokol

Head of City Design, Sustainable Planning & Approvals, Masdar City

Lukas Sokol is the Head of City Design, Sustainable Planning & Approvals at Masdar City. He is responsible for the Masdar City Master Plan including land use, transportation, the public realm, development approvals, and sustainability. His team explores the latest strategies and technologies to pioneer a new model of development in which people live more meaningful, productive, and sustainable lives. Prior to joining Masdar City, Lukas came to the UAE to help with the founding of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council where he managed the Urban Design Studio for more than a decade. His work focused on development review, urban design, and master planning for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Lukas trained as an architect, landscape architect, and city manager and has worked internationally in planning and urban design for over twenty years. He continues to research and lecture on cities and urban design.