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Eng. Meera Al Ameri

Eng. Meera Al Ameri

Head of R&D and Building Systems, Dubai Municipality

Eng. Meera Al Ameri is currently Section Manager of Research and Building Systems at the Building Permits Department in Dubai Municipality. She is also a member and rapporteur of the task force overseeing the regulation of the use of 3D printing technology in construction work in the Emirate of Dubai. Meera graduated with a bachelor’s degree. In the architecture of the United Arab Emirates University in 2014, then she worked in UAEU as Head of Design and planning in the facility management department.After that, she joined MOFAIC as the head of design section.

She has also participated in many local and international conferences and events as an organizer and speaker related to sustainability, green building, accessibility, and innovations.

Meera Al Ameri has developed the Research and Building System Section in Dubai Municipality by foreseeing the future of business in Dubai to support strategic decision-making. By investing in research and development, Meera Al Ameri invests in future technology and capabilities, and transforms them into new processes, products, and services such as 3D printing technologies.

By managing and directing research and development (RD) programs to meet organizational needs and capitalize on potential new products.