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Conrad Dubai

31 May – 01 June 2023

Melissa Zanocco

Melissa Zanocco

Head of Programmes, Infrastructure Client Group

As Head of Programmes for the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG), Melissa works with the most progressive infrastructure clients, industry leaders, Government representatives and the wider built environment ecosystem in the UK, and increasingly internationally, to bring about industry transformation. The ICG programme includes initiatives that cover collaborative delivery models (Project 13); digital transformation (including smart infrastructure, digital delivery and connected digital twins); low-carbon sustainable solutions; productivity and equality, diversity & inclusion. Melissa was an instigator of the UK 'Our Vision for the Built Environment' which describes a built environment whose explicit purpose is to enable people and nature to flourish together for generations. She is a member of the World Economic Forum Infrastructure 4.0 Community, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation's Deep Decarbonisation Initiative, UK Construction Leadership Council Task Force and co-chair of both the Project 13 Adopter Community and the Digital Twin Hub Community Council.