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Patrick D. O'Callaghan

Patrick D. O'Callaghan

CEO, Off-Site Engineering Solutions

Patrick O’Callaghan is the founder and CEO of Off-Site Engineering Solutions FZE and has been at the forefront of Fast-Track Systems, Off-Site Manufacturing, Lean Systems and Modular Construction in Europe and the Middle East at Chief Executive, Consultant and Directorship level for over 20 years.

His companies have utilized the latest technological advances and have designed, manufactured, delivered to site and commissioned tens of thousands of commercially successful modular units across Europe and the GCC and now offer consulting services specializing in prefabrication and fast track construction systems based in Dubai.

An innovator & inventor receiving a distinctive research thesis and successful industry patents, both in the field of modern construction technology.

Patrick has recently been appointed by the Saudi Government to advise on the technology transfer and localization of the latest modular construction systems and prefabrication techniques to support the government housing initiative.

Awarded Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 for innovation in the field of Off-Site Construction and Enterprise Ireland Strategic Business Planning and High Performance Start up Awards in 2003 and 2005 respectively.

Patrick is qualified with a B.Sc. Engineering (Civil/Structural) & MBA from City University, London.

Patrick is a Fellow of the Ryan Academy of Entrepreneurship in Ireland, a Member of the GLG Council High Table and Member of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland.