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Conrad Dubai

31 May – 01 June 2023

Reine EL Hokayem

Reine EL Hokayem

VDC Coordinator, Nesma & Partners Contracting Co

Reine EL Hokayem is an architect with an extensive experience in design management, contract and claims management, and planning and cost control. Currently, Reine is acting as VDC/BIM coordinator at Nesma & Partners. By using her acquired knowledge, she is translating and transforming the traditional procedures into a digital and dynamic workflow within Nesma and Partners, in order to accommodate for the rising era of digital transformation. Her contribution on the BIM implementation and the digital transformation, enhanced the communication and collaboration between the different teams in Nesma and Partners, as well as a transparent and seamless communication with all its external stakeholders, directing the company into being leaders in the market within this new transformation and arising opportunities