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Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai

3-4 June 2024

Waseem Al-Azeh

Waseem Al-Azeh

Head of Global Sustainability Sector, Khatib & Alami

Mr. Waseem AI Azzeh is a multi-award-winning sustainability and innovation expert, with over two decades of experience in Sustainability Management, Energy Management, Green projects finance, Corporate Sustainability Management, Hi-Performance mega developments. Waseem is a Harvard University alumnus, where he had his post graduate degree in Sustainability & Environmental Management with distinction. He is an accredited professional in several sustainability, environmental, energy management and green finance programs.

He is the Head of Global Sustainability Sector for Khatib & Alami, overseeing implementation of sustainability practices for projects design & execution as well as for K&A business operations. Mr. AI Azzeh has been involved in the sustainability engineering and management for many award-winning projects over the broad sector of design & construction segments. In addition, he sits on the board of directors of the emirates Green Buildings Council (EGBC), and previously was an elected member in the Executive Committee of the Regional Centre of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) from [2016 - 2019]. He actively works in promoting the advancement of sustainable building in the UAE and MENA region by working with industry, academia and government departments to develop collaborative solutions to some of the region’s greatest challenges. Mr. Al Azzeh has authored a number of papers on the application of sustainability in the UAE and MENA region, some of which were presented at a number of local, regional and international conferences on the topic of sustainability, with a particular focus on the application of cost-effective sustainability in the MENA region.