Day 1 | June 3 Agenda - Property Technology ConFEX



8.00 Registration and networking
The Keynotes | Conference Hall C
8.50 Opening
9.00 Developers on smart services for competitive edge
9.35 How existing assets will compete with smarter, greener builds over the next 5-10 years?
10.05 Navigating the affordability, liveability, sustainability and resilience matrix
10.45 Sustainability in the built environment: Hype or genuine commitment?
11.15 Networking break
Track 3: Efficiency & performance | Conference Hall C
11.45 Understanding customer centric disruption in real estate
12.10 Automated operational efficiency in community management
12.40 Automated operational efficiency in property management
13.10 AI won’t take your job, Real Estate Agents using AI will
13.25 Increasing sales and leasing – the new technology norms
13.55 Towercraft session
14:05 Networking lunch
15.00 The impact of information waste at project handover
15.30 A mininum viable digital twin that drives value
15.45 Transforming legacy buildings to Dubai Digital Twin
Track 3: Climate & decarbonisation | Conference Hall C
16.00 Viable Esco models on operational cost and carbon
16.50 Networking break
17.30 Close of day 1 |Track 3